Miriam can answer—or find the answers to—your questions. Whether it’s explaining medical terminology or providing you with resources, Miriam helps you make informed decisions.


For Miriam, patients always come first. The healthcare system is extensive and can be overwhelming. Miriam advocates on behalf of patients, ensuring that their care and rights are always top priority.


A breast-cancer diagnosis can bring many emotions with it. As a registered psychotherapist, Miriam is here to fully support you and your emotional well-being.


Please note that psychotherapy and health-navigation services are currently not covered by OHIP. Some extended healthcare plans, however, may cover psychotherapy. (Miriam is a Registered Psychotherapist.) Please check with your provider. 

Also, note that registered psychotherapists in Ontario are recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency as medical practitioners for the purpose of the medical tax credit on your income tax return.

An hourly fee is applied to each 50-minute session.